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Innovation Center of ROC take part in International conference Startup Village

Innovation Center of ROC take part in International conference Startup Village Tent "Olympic Technopark" open innovation center for the Russian Olympic Committee (IC ROC) at the site near Moscow Skolkovo innovation center, will present visitors the latest developments and technologies in the field of sport. A key element will be the site of the ICROC acquainted with the project of innovative multi-technology sports complex "Olympic Technopark" in which the territory of the innovation city will operate a unique center of research and development activities (R&D).

Among the main directions of his work - the development of innovative materials and equipment, inventory and equipment, as well as technology and techniques improve performance of athletes, their recovery after stress, accelerated rehabilitation after injuries. In addition, much attention will be paid to import substitution and transfer of foreign technologies; support for start-ups that are applicable to the sports industry, and developing methods to identify sports talents. At the moment, there is the concept of creating "Olympic Technopark". And this conference - one of the first practical steps for the implementation of a unique project for the national sport in which created a great platform to attract new ideas, research proposals and their potential financing.

For domestic experts working in the field of innovation, "Olympic Technopark" in "Skolkovo" - is primarily an opportunity to present their projects and development, promote them, to find and obtain financing for the further implementation, and that is important, not from government sources, and by means of attraction of investors and partners. In addition, the development of the "Olympic Technopark" will allow the interested commercial, investment and business structures in a single, integrated platform to form a complete picture of what today is strong and rich Russian sports science, which projects the future deserve the attention and cash injections.

"In the modern sport it is impossible to win without the latest developments in the field of modern medicine and in the field of technology, - says the president of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov. - Today, winning the one who is in this area ahead of the one who has his own foundation for such developments. We have said many times in this persuasion. We try, of course, use the best international experience, but it seems to me that Russia, as a great sports power needs to innovate in the sport on their own. The ROC established its Innovation Center, its development we used in preparing our athletes for the Olympic Games in Sochi. I wish that this activity has gained greater scope. To this end, we turned to the "Skolkovo" which has gained experience in the promotion of technological and scientific progress. As part of the agreement we will be able to use the infrastructure of the innovation city and its huge intellectual potential. "

"The R&D center of the Russian Olympic Committee, which in the future will be located in the" Skolkovo "will be created innovative technologies for the sport of high achievements, - says the president of the fund" Skolkovo "Viktor Vekselberg. - This work will involve our member companies, teams of Skolkovo Tech. Tent "Olympic Technopark" opened within the framework of Startup Village, will allow the participants and guests of the international conference to make your own idea of ​​what would be produced by the R&D Center, and possibly find a place in it as a partner.

During Startup Village in the tent "Olympic Technopark" will be the presentation of the main technological trends sports industry, sports development technologies start-up projects on the basis created in the ICROC business incubator, as well as prospects of cooperation with ICROC development institutions, public authorities, investment funds , entrepreneurs and large enterprises to build an innovation ecosystem sports industry.